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Hardware Finish Throughout House

Please select your desired hardware finish (i.e. door handles, lighting, etc..):

Polished Chrome.jpeg
Satin Chrome.jpeg
Satin Nickel.jpeg
Venetian Bronze.jpeg
Hardware finish throughout house

Interior Doors Throughout House

Please select your Interior Door Style:
(Note: All service doors i.e. pantry doors, front door, and den doors will be the same unless specified in the following questions on this form.):

760 SQ.jpg
83 ARCH.jpg
755 int flat.jpg
82 RAISED SQ.jpg
9033 3 PANEL.jpg
Interior Doors Throughout House

A two-panel stile and rail door with plank panel designs and an archtop.

 A router-carved door with two-panels and an arched top design.

This is an five-panel/craftsman style door.

This is a 2-panel door that creates a shaker / craftsman type look.

This is a Triple panel shaker/craftsman style door. 

Wood Door Species

Please select your Wood Door Species (all the doors above come in all the species below):

Wood Door Species
Douglas Fir.jpeg
Kal - Knotty Alder.jpeg
Paint Grade - PRM – PRIMED.png

Douglas Fir is a large, generally vertical-grained tree that grows in abundance in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas Fir is characterized by exceptional natural strength, hardness, and durability. The wood varies in color from yellowish tan to light, bright brown.

Knotty Alder grows in the Pacific Northwest and is a medium density hardwood with an even grain appearance. The wood is normally light brown with hues of red or peach. Its softer nature makes it easy to machine and receptive to a variety of stains and finishes.

Knotty Pine is abundant in America. The wood has a rich display of knots that reflects the randomness and beauty of nature. The wood tends to be a honey-toned or straw color while the knots are generally reddish-brown.

A primed option allows for a better paint finish and color-match process for any project. Interior applications are produced with MDF veneer and panels for superior paintability. MDF Design Collection Router Carved doors are also available.

Den Doors

Please specify if you would like a den door: 

Den Doors

Pantry Door

Please specify if you would like a pantry door: 

Pantry Doors

Front Door

Please select which type of front door you prefer: 

Front door

The 4462 door model is an exterior craftsman style door offered in a number of wood types.

The 4462 arch door model is an exterior craftsman style door offered in a number of wood types

The 4632 3 lite door model is an exterior craftsman style door offered in a number of wood types

4662 ext door.jpg
4662 ext arch.jpg
4662 ext 3 lite.jpg

Barn Doors

Please specify, if you would like sliding barn doors, and which type: 

Barn Doors

This is a barn door style door

This is a plaque panel door style. 

This is a plank panel barn door style.

Barn door - KAL-185.png

Interior Door Handle/Knob Styles

Please select your preferred door handle/knob styles: (you can select more than one) 

Interior Door handle selection
Interior Door handle selection
Cove Door Knob.webp
Hancock Door Knob w_key.webp

Ceiling Beams Examples

Ceiling beam.jpeg
Cieling beam2.jpeg
Install ceiling beam accents?

Coffered Ceiling Examples

Coffered Ceiling2.jpeg
Coffered Ceiling .jpeg
Install coffered ceiling accents?

Coffered Walls Examples

Cofferred walls2.jpeg
Cofferred walls.jpeg
Install coffered wall accents?

Stairway Examples

Interior Railing_ Ceiling Tongue & Groove_ Sofit Can Lighting 4.jpeg
Install a stairway?

Interior Posts Examples

Install interior posts?

Shiplap Walls Examples

Shiplap 2.jpeg
Install Shiplap Walls?

Crown Moulding Examples

CROWN EX 1.jpg
CROWN EX 2.jpg
Install Crown Moulding?

Mudroom Examples

Install a Mudroom?

Wet Bar Examples

Wet Bar2.jpeg
Wet Bar.jpeg
Install a wet bar?

Pot Filler Examples

Pot filler.jpeg
Install a pot filler?

Sofit Lighting Examples

Sofit Can Lighting_Cedar Siding.jpeg
Install sofit lighting?
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